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Murat studied pilates under Michael King and Roxy Menzies who are the second and third generation of pilates instructors directly stemming from Josef Pilates the originator of pilates itself. Murat fuses his own version of fitness with the traditional methods of pilates to help create a safe, energetic and fluid form of movement that help to develop a core strength that can be extended into other forms of exercise. His floor work focuses on the mind-body context.

turkish bellydance for fitness

Not your typical belly dance class. Murat helps you to improve your cardiovascular capacity and increase muscle strength through basic and unique movements. While the focus is on the hips and abs, this belly dance helps you to vibrate all the muscles in your body, which in turn helps to increase cell activity. Vibration is key to any health regime in fitness, but belly dance vibration will magnify this element to a higher degree. You will increase internal strength, becoming more confident in yourself and freeing your personality through the belly dance workout. You will release your stress, smile, laugh, have fun and sweat!

fitness cue

Learning this unique form of exercise with the creator of the fitness cue Li Si Yang, Fitness Cue® uses a gliding, wooden “cue stick” for balance with a mix of exercise forms. This class is a fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, and martial arts focusing on alignment, symmetry, flexibility, and strength. It is useful for all ages and all levels of physical condition. It is gentle on the joints, but the Fitness Cue® provides stabilization when strength and balance are concerns. Murat can modify each dynamic exercise to accommodate all fitness levels.

personal training

Murat is available for one on one training inside and outside the gym for a full workout that will meet your personal goals. He focuses on a whole body workout versus sculpting one particular muscle group. He believes that heavy weightlifting and jerking motions are detrimental to your skeletal system. Therefore, he focuses on repetition, breathing and posture. His aim is not only to make you feel beautiful outside but also inside to help you with long term life rewards.


The word choreography literally means “dance-writing.” Murat takes this word literally with his artistic vision. For your concept, your music or just bringing your ideas to life, he can help you develop performances, shows and dance routines. From costumes to make-up, can help you advance your perspective to help you celebrate your special days or market your programs. Murat has served a variety of hotels, clubs, bars and corporate business to bring a lively and unique art form to boost their promotion.